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  1. Proof Of Weak Hands 3D is a fascinating game & economic experiment. Get passive income or lose money if your hands are weak. No humans are in control. No exit scam possible. It can possibly run forever. Here are the links that get you started: https://powh.io - Main Website https://powh3d.hostedwiki.co - Wiki that answers almost all your questions https://powh3d.hostedwiki.co/pages/Beginner's Guide to POWH3D - Beginner's Guide https://exchange.powh.io/ - Main exchange - buy, sell your tokens and check your holdings. Metamask must be installed. > see beginners guide above! https://p3d-bot.github.io/buy.html - Backup exchange if the main contract interface is down https://discord.gg/CfYakrQ - Join the community in the Discord chat and get help 24/7 https://powh.trade - Charts !! https://powh3d.eu - Statistics ! Great for developing your own strategy! https://etherscan.io/address/0xb3775fb83f7d12a36e0475abdd1fca35c091efbe - The contract address on etherscan To participate you need some Ethereum and a Browser based wallet that can interact with smart contracts like Metamask: https://metamask.io To start the beginner's guide in the wiki has all the steps to start: https://powh3d.hostedwiki.co/pages/Beginner's Guide to POWH3D
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